Stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger and resentment:
These are common hallmarks of most people.

There is another way to go through our lives, a new paradigm approach to interacting with life situations, other people, and even ourselves.

Mindfulness Honey is an 8-week course that meets for one hour each week in a live, online Zoom class. Whether you are completely new to mindfulness meditation or already have an established practice, through the simple ideas and behaviors presented in the Mindfulness Honey class you can:

  • Find increased peace, joy, and happiness
  • Enhance your immune function
  • Enjoy improved clarity, focus, and self-confidence
  • Achieve and improved sense of self-worth and respect for others

Attendees also receive an introduction to the application of mindfulness to their physical health, including mindful fitness and mindful eating.

The next Mindfulness Honey course begins Monday, July 26 and runs through Monday, September 13, with a week off for Labor Day (September 6).

Who can benefit?

In our experience, pretty much everyone. We all endure the afflictions listed above to some degree, and there is ample encouragement to accept them as unavoidable and ‘part of life’. Do you struggle to sleep well? Find yourself running low on energy? Often replay past events or possible future situations in your head? Does that voice in your head just never shut up? Mindfulness Honey covers these things; they can be minimized.

We especially welcome anyone ready to try a few things differently to realize a different life experience. Attendance is important, as is making an effort to apply class concepts to ‘real life’.

How Does the Class Work?

Mindfulness Honey is taught as an eight week course, with a live one-hour Zoom class once a week.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost is $80, with scholarships available for those who are keenly interested and cost is an impediment. Space is limited.

$80? How good is it? Other classes can cost thousands.

Our overriding goal is to present the class to as many people as we can. We aren’t endeavoring to earn our livings from it, and we also believe it’s important for people to ‘have some chips in the pot’.

Zoom Class in Integrative Mindfulness Meditation

Eight week class. Begins Monday, July 26.

Mindfulness Honey is presented by Dr. Richard Oxhandler, Emeritus Professor and counselor, Western Michigan University. Rich has taught and practiced meditation and mindfulness for more than 35 years.

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